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Get Node Details

This text provides an example of how to call Get Node Details interface.

Example: Get the list and details of nodes in a specified folder

Suppose there is a folder under your space, and you want to get detailed information about this folder, including the information of its sub-files.

Your action steps below:

  1. Get your API Token.(How to get it)

  2. Get your Space ID.(How to get it)

  3. Get the ID of this folder.(How to get it)

  4. Open a terminal on your computer and execute the following code to send a query request to the server (assuming the Space ID is spcX9P2xUcKst and the folder ID is fod23ha5NvyM5).

    curl -X GET \
    "" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer Your API Token}"
  5. The server returns the following JSON data, with the details of the returned file under "data".

    For the meaning of each parameter in the response, please check the API Reference

    "code": 200,
    "success": true,
    "data": {
    "id": "fod23ha5NvyM5",
    "name": "New Folder",
    "type": "Folder",
    "icon": "",
    "isFav": false,
    "children": [
    "id": "fodrPKCnaGAMy",
    "name": "New subfolder",
    "type": "Folder",
    "icon": "",
    "isFav": false
    "id": "dstNJhKwL0LAnRVVJd",
    "name": "New Datasheet”,
    "type": "Datasheet",
    "icon": "",
    "isFav": true
    "message": "SUCCESS"